Family Office Private Capital Forum
University Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Program Agenda

Registration and Networking Breakfast Michigan and Monroe Rooms, 2nd Floor

Main PresentationOpening Remarks from the Program Chair Cathedral Hall, 9th Floor
Steven J. Thayer, Partner, Handler Thayer, LLP

Forming a Family Office – A Structure to Engage the Family

    • Finding the Right Fit: MFO, SFO or VFO
    • Structure, Organization and Tax Issues
    • Developing an Investment Strategy

Thomas J. Handler, Partner, Handler Thayer, LLP
Michael D. Whitty, Partner, Handler Thayer, LLP
Jason M. Cain, Chicago Managing Partner – Private Client Services, BDO USA, LLP
Bill Woodson, Managing Director, Citi Private Bank

Planning for the Future of the Family-Owned Business

    • Determining If and When to Sell the Family Business
    • Succession Planning for the Family and Key Executives
    • Recapitalization, Diversification & Sale Strategies

Eric E. Kalnins, Partner, Handler Thayer, LLP
David Solomon, CEO, Lazard Middle Market LLC
Stuart E. Lucas, Chairman & CIO, Wealth Strategist Partners, LLC
David Yaccino, Managing Director, Stifel


Asset Allocation to Private Capital & the World of Alternatives

    • Determining the Appropriate Allocation to Alternative Assets
    • World Markets, Private Equity and Alternatives
    • Institutional Access to Private Equity & Direct Investments

Steven J. Thayer, Partner, Handler Thayer, LLP
Don Giuseppi, Executive Director, UBS
James D. Leckinger, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Graystone Consulting, a division of Morgan Stanley
Eric Nelson, Director of Alternatives, Schroders

Networking Lunch Cathedral Hall, 9th Floor

The Future of Private Equity and the Family Office

    • State of Private Equity and Availability of Capital with Current World Dynamics
    • Private Equity Sourcing Challenges of Late
    • Different Ways Private Equity Firms are Adding Value to Their Portfolio Companies
    • How Private Equity Firms and Family Offices are Aligning

Dan Needham, Operating Partner, Wynnchurch Capital, LLC
Paul Carbone, Managing Partner, Pritzker Group Private Capital
Rodney L. Goldstein, Senior Advisor, Wealth Strategist Partners, LLC
Vince Shiely, Managing Director, Lubar & Co.
Ward McNally, Managing Partner, McNally Capital, LLC

Adventures in Venture Capital & Direct Investments

    • The ABC’s of Venture Investing – Sector, Stage, Geography & More
    • Performance Measures & Mortality Rates
    • The Importance of Due Diligence
    • The Impact of Social Media & How it’s Changing Everything

Steve Brotman, Senior Advisor, Pritzker Group
James Dugan, CEO, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, OCA Ventures
Baltazar Vallenilla, Associate Managing Director, Kroll
Nancy Sullivan, CEO and Managing Director, IllinoisVENTURES
John West, Founder and CEO, Whistle Sports


Opportunities & Trends in Real Estate

    • Market Overview: From Residential to Commercial
    • Real Estate Cycles and the Last Man Standing
    • Industry Trends
    • What is Below the Ground

DJ Van Keuren, Vice President – Family Office Capital, Hayman Family Office
Roman Bas, Principal, Real Estate/Investor Relations, The Carlyle Group

Opportunities & Trends in Alternative Industries

    • Mission Driven Investing
    • The Future of Alternative Energy
    • The Future of Oil, Gas & Minerals
    • From Mind to Marketplace
    • How Genomics is Changing the World

David Nage, Managing Director, Ponvalley Family Office
Amy Francetic, Senior VP-New Ventures and Corporate Affairs, Invenergy
Rob Gerhard, CEO, Umbono Capital
Peter McCrea, President, Cavendish Impact Foundation
Gene E. Robinson, Director, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Company PresentationsMichigan Room, 2nd Floor

    • Enodo Score – Turning Data Into Action
    • The Minte – A Hotel Like Amenity Service for Multi-Family Housing Complexes
    • Errand Solutions – Making Employees Happy and Companies Popular
    • Veramarx, Inc. – Dedicated to Solving the Diagnostic Problems of Lyme Disease by Giving Physicians a Clear Diagnosis that Will Lead to Optimal Treatment
    • Preora Diagnostics – Revolutionizing Early Cancer Detection
    • Prolung, Inc. – Bringing Immediate Non-Invasive Help to Patients and Physicians in Life Threatening Disease
    • Whistle Sports – A Global Media Company for Today’s Generation of Sports Fans
    • Cellphire, Inc. – A Biotechnology Company Focusing on Cell Stabilization Technology with a Current Emphasis on Blood Platelets
    • SageMedic – Taking Personalizing Cancer Therapy to the Next Level

Cocktail Reception and Networking Cruise with Fireworks Display
Aboard the Odyssey Chicago Cruise Boat – Docked at Navy Pier (Must be Onboard by 7:00pm)


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